Shades of Samsara Epic Novel Series

Shades of Samsara is the science fiction fantasy steampunk space opera epic series by Scott M. Folsom. Currently launching FIVE serialized short stories, leading up to the Spring 2017 release of TITAN: 3030. The first installment of the seven novel saga.

Shades of Samsara is set in an alternate universe where the timeline of Earth’s history differs dramatically from our own. The deviation traces back to 1919 when the Maitreya had dissolved international tensions and Walter Domini had begun his Aviation Alternatives Corporation.

The Book: TITAN 3030

Davrick Ro’Lan was abandoned by his father on Titan as a child. Against all odds he became an apprentice alchemist for the methane harvester Charon. When news of his father arrives from deep space, he is forced to acknowledge the heavy shadow his father casts over his life.

Titan 3030 is a science-fiction high fantasy novel of epic proportions. Set in an alternate-Earth timeline Titan 3030 follows Davrick on the desolate Saturnian Moon, humanity’s furthest stellar settlement. Davrick struggling with his own identity when the world starts demanding more at every turn. Follow him through the various Shades of Samsara he encounters while finding himself. Can he overcome himself in order to save everyone?

Shades of Samsara Shorts, Serialized

The Krill, set in the year 2300, follows the crew of the discovery vessel Jalex. A staging mission to prepare for the Lyssa crater on Titan for colonization. An anomaly in orbit causes the ship to take damage on landing, and talk of an ulterior mission. Will the crew make it off the moon? Are they even alone?

Roswell That Ends Poorly is the upcoming second serialized short story to be featured at Shades of Samsara. The story follows the founder of World United Corporation, Walter Domini. As age seemed to be getting the best of him, news arrives from Washington. To complicate matters, strangers from AFAR create opportunity and tension. The events set in motion echo into 3030 and beyond. First contact with humanity may result in casualty.

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Shades of Samsara (SOS) short stories and Titan 3030 are works of artistic fiction. Names, places, and terminology are completely fictional and any likeness or similarity to any actual person, place or idea is coincidental. Views and opinions expressed in SOS and Titan 3030 are not necessarily those of the author himself.