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Shades of Samsara is a complex and extensive epic novel series by genre-defying author Scott M. Folsom.

Shades of Samsara is a manifestation of creative and constructive philosophical inquiry that seats itself in the premise of an alternate-Earth history deviating from our own timeline in the year 1919. A transportation mogul named Walter Domini found an unlikely partnership with a legitimate religious icon. The two of them together found themselves attending a meeting in what once was upstate new york at the Blavatsky residence. This meeting would bring together some of the greatest minds of the age, aggregating them to focus their efforts on the creation of a new educational platform designed to promote spiritual growth as well as the pursuits of science in an effort to bind them. The result was the formation of the Acadmey that soon fell under the direct influence and control of Walter.

The first installment of the initial seven-book series is Titan 3030.

Content will be added as its companion literature is released.

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