Scott Folsom

Early History

Scott Folsom was born in Maine in February of 1984. The second of two children, he grew up in the town of Sanford, ME, where he graduated from high school in 2002 with academic honors. In his youth, Scott was exposed to many aspects of athletics and religion that didn't quite suit his intellectual gifts. When given the opportunity to trade in a dirt bike for the chance to build his own computer from scratch, he jumped at the opportunity that would set the stage for his later successful career in information technology. Spending more than a quarter of his total time in high school focused on computers and information technology through the vocational center, Scott created and managed a class-run help desk that assisted the school district network administrator in some of the on-call duties and repairs.

Early Academic Years

After graduating from high school, Scott enrolled in the computer science program at the University of Maine, Orono. After a successful year, he decided to take a risk and transferred schools to Plymouth State University, where he failed to thrive both academically and socially. Transferring back to the University of Maine for the following semester, Scott's academic decline continued resulting in an a suspension of studies from the University for at least one term. Over the following summer, Scott thought about his life and the path he was forging for himself and decided it would be best to take on a new change of direction. Enrolling at the University of Southern Maine, he sought to establish himself as an undergraduate psychology major pending his return to the University of Maine in the following Spring.

The next couple years were mildly productive for Scott, spending his time catching up on his newly chosen path, he took summer courses for the next two years. Following that time, Scott had been presented with an opportunity to begin working earnestly without the arduous task of finishing his degree, but in the field he had abandoned, information technology. Seeing the opportunity before him as one that could not be passed up, he put forth all his effort into making it a reality, and in the Fall of 2006 he did just that.

The IHOP Years

After establishing terms with his new employer, Scott dropped out of college for that current year and flew out to California where he began a three-month stretch working for the Restaurant Systems department of IHOP Corporate, retrofitting, installing, and training staff on the use of new point of sale computer systems for an array of locations in southern California, and eventually, internationally. After working over the next several months, the traveling lifestyle was beginning to take its toll on him, and he began making plans to return to academia to finish his degree. In the fall of 2007, Scott returned to Orono for what he believed would be the beginning of one last year before the completion of his degree. After having a variety of unfortunate events befall him upon his return to school, he was suddenly and illegally evicted from his residence due to the political agendas of his landlords. After managing to salvage his academic semester by the skin of his teeth, he humbly requested from his former employer to reinstate him in his previous position so that he could return to work and move on from his traumatic experience. He continued to work for IHOP, as it became DineEquity into 2010 when he resigned for a second time, to once again, attempt to reconcile his academic pursuits.

Middle Academic Years

After leaving IHOP, Scott returned as a full time student to the University of Southern Maine where his life was changed forever by the philosophy class he took on Hermeneutics. There, he was introduced to Being and Time, by Martin Heidegger, as well as the work of Gadamer. These two philosophers resonated in a way much different than any other Socratic or Cartesian philosopher had in the past. Phenomenology and Existentialism opened an entirely new perspective towards the vast amount of psychological literature he had been studying for his major. After finishing the spring semester at USM in 2010, Scott was faced with the harsh reality of having run out of money saved from his IHOP days, having paid for his USM semester in cash, and not qualifying for financial aid due to his income level of the previous year, his options were limited. In 2011 he was able to apply for financial aid and returned to the University of Maine, Orono, in order to take one class needed to graduate. Having received the financial aid and loans, Scott took full advantage of his time returning to Orono stacking two full semesters of classes in order to fulfill the requirements of an additional major in Philosophy. During his final undergraduate year, Scott was awarded Dean's List honors both semesters.

Post Graduate Years

After graduating with a B.A. in Psychology and a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Maine, Scott moved back to his hometown in southern Maine to be with his girlfriend, Jessica. Over the next few years, Scott and Jessica's relationship grew ever-increasingly stronger and the two of them moved-in together in a single bedroom apartment. Scott managed to find work through a temp-staffing agency for scoring student's responses to standardized exams, and it was while performing this role, he had the idea to begin writing his own epic-level science fiction fantasy novel. In his down-time on the project, he compiled in excess of twenty pages of notes and outlines for a complex and systematized epic series spanning the length of seven books. After working on the novel for several months, in November of 2012, Scott decided to use the spirit of Nanowrimo to work on a prequel novel that took place approximately 250 years before the events of the first book. Since conceptualizing the first books of his series, he has since accomplished a complete working rough draft of the first novel, Titan3030 as of March, 2015.