The Blavatsky Meeting

Helena Blavatsky had co-founded the Theosophical Society on the premise of ‘There is no religion higher than truth1). Helena's goal for the meeting was uniting the world's foremost authorities of the wide array of contemporary and groundbreaking research being done across the world. The meeting took place in the small hamlet of Fine, New York in the spring of 1930. The meeting would set the stage for the Alchemical Revolution that followed.


Helena had heard about Jung’s recent psychological breakthroughs and invited him, as well as Nikola Tesla, Ernest Duchesne and one to the Maitreya to attend the revolutionary meeting. Exploiting the invitation of his business partner, the Maitreya, aviation mogul Walter Domini crashed the meeting uninvited and managed to manipulate the conclave to his advantage.

Walter's Intrusion

By the time the meeting had concluded, Walter had managed to gain everyone’s attention by appealing to their pockets.


The Academy