Walter Domini


Walter Domini was born in 1898 and grew up in western Massachusetts. His family was struggling middle class. His father was an aspiring bank clerk and his mother was a homemaker. He was the youngest of 8 children having 5 sisters and 3 brothers. Two of his sisters and all three of his brothers failed to reach the age of 17, and two more of his sisters died in their early twenties. The ever presence of mortality in Walter’s life pressed him to do great things and focus his efforts in earnest toward living life to the utmost fullest. Highest level of education completed was 10th grade.


He was only 19 when he secured his first business loan from his father’s bank to begin his entrepreneurial career in the fledgling aviation industry. By the age of 21 he had a prosperous and expanding business in commercial cargo and passenger transports using a combination and varieties of early plane and zeppelin technologies. Always looking for the next great opportunity, fortune found Walter when he came across the fanfare following the emergence of the so-called Maitreya, or the return of the Buddha, in the far East. Eleven years later, a strong partnership between Maitreya and Walter had formed on the foundation of business. Walter flew Maitreya where he needed to go, and flew people in by the troves to see their messiah. In 1930 he crashed the Blavatsky meeting and took a strategic hold on the value of the individuals in attendance.

Accomplishments /Legacy

It was after the Blavatsky meeting that Domini had acquired the intellectual and theoretical assets necessary to accomplish he’s dark heart’s greatest desire: world domination. It all began with The Corporation, or World United Buddhist Corporation. The innovations that would come from the Blavatsky meeting would result in the founding of the Academy and usher in a new era of alchemical, medicinal, and technological advances. Domini would seat himself at the apex of this information flow and sought ceaselessly to understand the fundamental building blocks and structure of the universe so that he might bend it to his own sick will.

Final Outcome

Domini lived a very long and prosperous life that left in its wake death, deceit, and ruin. Everything Domini did was for his own good, his own improvement. A monument exists outside in the courtyard of the Crystalline Spire1), the headquarters of the now World United Corporation. Domini’s actual cause of death and physical remains were never completely documented and presented for public knowledge which lead to a lot of irrational speculation as to the reasons behind such a decision or the factors that contributed to his demise. Some first-hand accounts of executives that were close to Domini around the time of his death swear he changed somehow and wasn’t really dead.