Maitreya1) was the essential force that united the world consciousness in the first half of the Twentieth Century. Born under mysterious circumstances in northern Nepal, the boy that would become Maitreya would have to mask his gender identity as he struggled to thrive in a geographic region that was plagued with war. Androgynous by nature, the Maitreya was afforded the gift of enlightenment to xyr past lives at an extraordinarily young age. Through patience, and humility, the Maitreya managed to qualm the tension in east Asia and prevented a second Sino-Japanese War from occuring.

The Maitreya was a significant religious and political icon. After partnering with Walter Domini his following and popularity as a paragon of peace and global unity grew at an unprecedented rate garnishing him fame few before him had experienced in their own lifetimes. With advents in aviation and communication, the Maitreya was able to spread the message of Buddhism to the four corners of the globe.

His death in 1971 left behind a void that left his followers wanting. It was that void that Walter Domini would step in and fill, regardless of rumors and suspicions of his involvement in Maitreya's death. An autopsy concluded the cause of death was poisoning.