Parallel Earth


The idea of an alternate Earth history was seeded early in the author's life by television shows like The Twilight Zone and Sliders. These shows presented the idea that our experience could just be one of an infinite number of manifestations of reality, shaped and guided by the fate of events and decisions alike. In order to write a science-fiction future that the author wanted, he elected to construct a completely separate universe from our own, whilst maintaining a significant amount of overlap as to not have to essentially re-invent the wheel. The year 1919 was selected because in retrospect it was an extremely pivotal year as far as social equality was concerned. Women won their right to vote, and the world had seen and survived the Great War. It was at this point in time the author decided to create two elements that would reshape the future of humanity. The first element was the aviation mogul Walter Domini, a fictional captain of industry well suited and positioned for his moment in time. The second element was the return, or the coming of the future Buddha. Maitreya proved to be a quelling force in the Sino-Japanese War and would eventually lead the world in a spiritual Renaissance, bringing people together, for better or worse.