Keith Robertson

Early History

Keith’s own story was much like that of most native Earthlings. He was conceived by two faculty of the academy which provided him with first draft access to enrollment and was marked with having outstanding potential. His parents, once their academic shift at the academy had expired, were deported to Mars, a slightly more ideal location than say the cold shoulder of Ganymede.

As a youth, he was a curious child, and it was his interest in food and animals that led the Elders to recommending him to the Apothecary division of the Academy in order to become an herbalist and cook. Keith liked the Academy, but mostly because he liked Earth. He had never known anything but Mother Gaia, but it was his impending departure that made him more aware of the finite and fleeting time he had left with humanity’s home planet. Keith lived every day on Earth like it could be his last.

Some Elders still left at the academy took notice of this because with their own mortality looming before them, they too found every moment on Earth more cherishable. The Elders recognized and both envied and feared the potential in Keith’s calm, knowing demeanor. He seemed more awake and alive than anyone of his peers at the academy, and most of the faculty, yet remained the most humble and reserve among them as well.

Keith knew full well what awaited him, and when it was time to depart Earth, he was given a privilege few were afforded. The Elders asked Keith where it was he would prefer to be stationed and even offered him an apprenticeship position at the Academy, which could prolong his stay and life on Earth for at least a couple more years. Keith stood before the committee of Elders and explained to them plainly, he wanted to go as far away as possible so that he might truly know what it is like to appreciate Earth.

When he received his assignment to Titan, he felt sort of relieved. He knew there were a couple places further out than Jalex, but not many. It was the closest to civilization one could get, as far away as possible, just as he had asked for. Keith Robertson was one of the rare few who found himself at the fringe of human expansion, having his own humble beginnings on the pale blue dot that was Earth.

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