Titan 3030 (Novel)

Titan 3030 is the working title to the first book1) of a planned 7 installment science fiction fantasy epic that takes place in an alternate Earth history in the year 3030 on the moon Titan. In this Earth’s history, there was no World War II, it was averted by the efforts of mostly one man: The Maitreya. The influence of Buddhism on the world took an unexpected turn when an aviation entrepreneur named Walter Domini became interested in Maitreya and the alchemical arts. Titan3030 follows the intriguing and dangerous life of Davrick Ro’Lan, a young man whose occupation has him performing alchemical filtration operations on the Kraken Mare, a vast ocean of liquid methane. Titan3030 catches up with Davrick as events in his life begin to unfold that generate questions, mystery, and unfettered emotions, that all culminate with his eventual awakening and enlightenment to his own life’s purpose. What purpose awaits Davrick, only time will tell as he faces innumerable obstacles and challenges along the way.