Worlds United Corporation

The Worlds United Corporation (henceforth referred to as The Corporation) has its origins in the early part of 1920 as Commercial Aviation Alternatives founded by Walter Domini.

Some believe the origins of the current super-entity that is The Corporation, took root as early as the corporate citizen state the United States had evolved into. Even as early as the framing of the constitution, they instilled measures that no man may hold a title of nobility as a citizen of its “Federal Government”. Keeping people at a stagnent level of power and influence allowed the people to measure themselves by monetary means and judge people based on titles of employment and the wage it commanded, rather than respect or earned merits.

The stage was set, certainly, for someone like Walter to arrive and make himself comfortable, and he did just that.

Commercial Aviation Alternatives

CAA became operational in 1920 under the leadership and direction of Walter Domini. After three years CAA had become a prosperous and expanding business in commercial cargo and passenger transportation utilizing a combination and variety of early plane and zeppelin technologies.

It was in 1923 that Walter had read about an international sensation in the far East, a living religious prophet and icon, the Maitreya. Walter approached Maitreya and offered his services of transportation free of charge, planning to profit off of transporting this messiah's growing following.

Walter successfully exploited moving Maitreya and many others across the worlds oceans and national borders. All the while, Walter was reinvesting into his company, growing its fleet ever larger and developing new innovations. This expansion and growth continued exponentially over the next seven years.

In 1930 Walter became aware of an invitation Maitreya had received to attend a meeting of the Theosophical Society in upstate New York, hosted by Helena Blavatsky. It was this meeting that would unite Walter with his most dire of ambitions, world conquest, from a business standpoint. Assembling the world's greatest minds of the age, Helena had provided the building blocks for Walter to manipulate and form into what would become the Academy. From the formation of the Academy, Walter then had an authority on what was to become the dominant international educational institutional.

In 1947 an incident occurs in the New Mexico region of the United States. CAA is called in as an expert to advise the US military on classified aeronautics technology.

In 1950 CAA invests $4.5 Million into a revolutionary astronautics laboratory and electrical circuitry manufacturing. Additional investments in the alchemy of steam were also awarded to the Academy.

World United Buddhist Corporation

Immediately following the death of Maitreya in 1971, Walter launched a re-branding effort on his company, hoping to unify, and in turn, solidify, many different branches of control his company had extended into the world's stage. In an effort to grow a spiritually-minded following for his ambiguously nebulous company, he elected to use the name, World United Buddhist Corporation, as a tribute memorial to his deceased golden-goose.

The new branding resulted in a well known abbreviated format of the corporation as simply WUBCorp.

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